About Department

Duration of MBBS course is five years. During this period students remain in physiology department for the first one and half year and then appear in the first professional examination under the University of Dhaka. During the course students have to study physiology according to curriculum. The department has well equipped laboratory, tutorial class rooms and lecture galleries for students.


Total 40 students are divided into small groups named batch : A, B, C. According to the groups, students attend different classes such as practical, tutorial and small group discussion. The whole subject is divided into eight cards consisting of 10-15 items. Students have to complete all the cards and appear in card completion examination for evaluation.
Before appearing the first professional examination, students have to fulfill few criteria:

  1. Obtain 60% marks in all examinations
  2.  Attendance should be 75%
    There are number of seminars arranged in the department every month.

Meet Doctors & Faculty

Sl.Name DesignationQualification
1Dr. Dipok Kumar SunyalProfessorMBBS, MPhil
2Dr. Tahmina AkterAssociate ProfessorMBBS, MD
3Dr. Tasnim ShiftyLecturerMBBS
4Dr. Tahmina Tamanna SwarnaLecturerMBBS
5Dr. Anisha Tabassum HaqueLecturerMBBS
6Dr. Tawhid Ahmed (Tahrim)LecturerMBBS