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“Disease versus Remedy”
Whenever there are alterations in normal functions of human body or mind, there are means to keep it back to normal – that we call ‘Drug’ or ‘Medicine’. Pharmacology & Therapeutics deals with every aspects of drug to explore
and explain its role in the process of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of a disease. It pursues the basic knowl-edge in medical science about how drug acts on human body and how body responds after receiving a drug. Pharmacology reveals the source, formulation, dose, mechanism of action, poisoning, clinical uses, side effects, rational use of drugs and prescription writing. Pharmacology & Therapeutics is incorporated in the course curriculum for 3rd year and 4th year of undergraduate medical students in M.B.B.S. The course content is covered by 100 teaching hours of lecture, 50 teaching hours of tutorial and 30 hours of practical sessions within two years. Total duration of 24 months is divided into three ‘Terms’ in a structured study plan and evaluation system that requires 60% marks to pass separately in written, viva and practical examinations. It consists of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ), Short Answer Question (SAQ) and Formative Assessment of class attendance (at least 75%) before appearing in Second Professional MBBS Examination under the University of Dhaka.


Teaching undergraduate medical students.
Small group discussion as tutorial Laboratory practical
Coordinated case study on specific diseases Rational prescribing and practice Drug-response relationship and study Problem based assignment
Structured examination and assessment of students Compilation and evaluation of students progress reports Coordination of clinical trials and research

Meet Doctors & Faculty

Sl.Name DesignationQalification
1Dr. Shamsun NaharProfessor (CC) MBBS, MPhil
2Dr. Kazi SabihaAssistant Professor MBBS, MD
3Dr. Md. Nazmul Hossain JonyLecturerMBBS
4Dr. Fazilatun-Nessa JumaLecturerMBBS