Why Study at USBMC ?

There is many reason to study at US-Bangla Medical College. Our dedicated faculty, state-of the art laboratories, well funded researchers and innovative curriculum, coupled with our commitment to the underserved, are just a few of the many reasons students chose.

• USBMC is committed to ensuring quality education of global standard.

• USBMC offers students the advantages of an affordable, personalized education of global standard.

• USBMC offers quite a large number of scholarships to students based on their merits, necessities, and previous
professional exam results.

• USBMC also offers special incentives to the offspring of the freedom fighters, meritorious and poor students.

• USBMC updates its academic curriculum on a regular basis to keep pace with the trends of modern world.

• USBMC provides transport facilities for students and also faculty members.

• USBMC provides Internet with Wi-Fi facility free of cost.

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