Message from Chairman

It is my great pleasure to welcome our MBBS student at US-Bangla Medical College. Your decision to become a doctor is one of the most important decision you will undertake. Medical Education is a highly advanced field requiring extensive studying laboratory work and hospital training.

US-Bangla Medical College offers you the best possible environment to achieve your goal. Its highly professional faculties will enable you to excel both in academics and clinical skills.

This prospectus has attempted to rescue out everybody concerned from that perplexity. The guide line will help them to realize whether the noble profession of Medicine fits the candidate best or not. US-Bangla medical college is the most prestigious project of ‘US-Bangla Group’ to help concerned to decide why to select this institution as their natural choice. We have also tried to answer the most frequently asked question about medical education that we are pledged to offer from our end. Hope this small initiative will help concerned who are looking for Medicine as profession in real sense. Finally we want to assure that the management of this institute will not govern rather will associate as a member of family to contribute the best.

US-Bangla Medical College provide the ideal educational environment. US-Bangla Medical College beckons you to join our highly professional planned educational facilities keeping abreast with the lates international standard. Keeping in view the economic strata of our society and expanding medical needs of the country, our motive is the reach out to maximum number of intelligent young minds. This institution will help you to excel in academics and share the burden of treating ailing humanity.

US-Bangla Medical College awaits you so that you can join the team which is looking after the ailing humanity. I wish you every success in your future life.

Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun
Chairman, Governing body
US-Bangla Medical College
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